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Swimwear season is officially here

My Lumie lamp cured my anxiety-induced insomnia – no, really

A sunset simulator changed my sleep habits and totally changed my life

The Five Stages of Retirement (and How to Skip Three of Them)

Getting the first step wrong inevitably means you’ll go through stages three through five. Get step one right, and it’s a two-step process.

Living on Lanzarote: advantages, cost of living and why choose it

The island of Lanzarote emerges from the Atlantic Ocean as a unique enclave, a land of contrasts where volcanic nature combines with serene beaches and an excellent climate. Deciding to live on Lanzarote is opting for a particular lifestyle, in which the environment's calm and beauty play a leading role.

The ‘island of immortals’ where residents regularly live past 100

Living room makeover ideas on a budget – 10 statement tricks to spruce up a lounge

These living room makeover ideas on a budget offer simple yet chic decorating options – plus a ton of advice

Eating breakfast at this time could reduce heart disease risk

A French study suggests that eating breakfast and supper an hour earlier may reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. This research emphasizes the importance of meal timing for cardiovascular health, according to The Telegraph. The study found that having breakfast at 8 am instead of 9 am decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by...

I knew I had to give up drinking when my daughter asked ‘why is mummy behaving so strangely?’

I’m pretty sure I gravitated towards a career in advertising because of the heavy drinking lifestyle, although I now think that whatever industry I’d found myself in, I’d have been a drinker, because alcohol gave me the social confidence I lacked. My first foray was trying cider when I was 15 and drinking with my then-boyfriend who was older than m...

How much to save for retirement – according to your lifestyle

Whether retirement is just around the corner, or decades away, one worrying truth remains the same – you’re probably not saving enough for it. Despite auto-enrolment pension reforms, which set up qualifying employees with a workplace pension and overall contributions of 8pc, most workers are still not saving enough for a comfortable retirement – an...

Early bedtimes are all the rage with young people – but are they feasible?

Early bedtimes are all the rage with young people – but are they feasible? - IN FOCUS: Nine o’clock is apparently the new preferred bedtime for twentysomethings prioritising shut-eye above all else. Between hectic work schedules, shoddy commutes, and the deadening cycle of life admin, what time does that leave for fun? asks Annabel Nugent

I took collagen everyday for two months — here are 3 things that happened

After hearing a lot of good things, it was time for me to try collagen for myself

Scientists say humans should eat like a salmon to get essential nutrients

Scientists say humans should eat like a salmon to get essential nutrients - Directly eating more wild feed species could have health benefits, researchers suggest

16 small changes to make to your diet that will help you live longer

When you picture yourself in old age, you may assume you’ll be frail, have limited mobility and suffering from an illness, whether that’s dementia, heart disease or osteoporosis. But the longevity guru Dr Mark Hyman, 64, who helped to popularise functional medicine (the idea that food should be the first line of therapy) and overhauled the Bill and...

The most stylish Boden dresses to wear this summer

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Could the UK learn from the world's happiest country when it comes to work-life balance?

Is this something UK businesses could do?

Combining three healthy behaviours can lower IBS risk, study finds

Combining three healthy behaviours can reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome by 42%, a study suggests. IBS affects the digestive system and its symptoms include stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. People can suffer for days, weeks or months at a time, and symptoms can come and go. IBS is thought to affect up to one in 10 people worldwide. It is not known exactly what causes the condition but studies have suggested that...

10 most relaxing places to live in the UK revealed

Everybody should know these 7 things about their diet

The food we eat has a direct consequence on our health and happiness

London leavers: 'We left behind Bethnal Green to live in a £395,000 old stone house on the Isle of Skye'

London leavers: 'We left behind Bethnal Green to live in a £395,000 old stone house on the Isle of Skye' - Clare Coghill and Dave Stroud drove over 630 plus miles with their rescue dog Peggy to relocate to the Inner Hebrides

Millionaires reveal 8 frugal habits that helped them get rich

People should adopt ‘old-fashioned’ ways of staying healthy – Sir Chris Whitty

Making it easy and attractive for people to exercise is one of the most effective ways of maintaining independence, the Chief Medical Officer said.

A moment that changed me: I was divorced, broke and alone – but I turned my life around with a list

The silence in the flat was deafening. Having lost almost everything in my divorce, it was now just me in a basement studio flat with black mould. I had no TV, no sofa and the wifi wasn’t set up. I sat at a cheap folding table and made a list. Since my life was no longer going to be the way I had planned – marriage, kids, a dog, a late-Victorian terrace in a country town – I was going to try something else. I was going to do all the things on my...

How many litres of water should you drink a day?

Spoiler alert: It's more than you think...

I shifted my midlife weight in six months – now I’m fitter than I was in my twenties

I used to be a stylist, working incredibly long hours styling A-list celebrities, and while it sounds glamorous, it was exactly the opposite: you start very early in the morning, finish late at night and if you’ve not got exactly the right jumper, everyone acts as if the world is falling apart. Because the work was so stressful, we all did a lot of...

I tried going for a walk after eating lunch every day for a week - here’s why I’ll continue to do it

Ready to boost mental and physical wellbeing in as little as ten minutes?

I'm a Health Editor who sceptically said yes to my first retreat - and these 5 health tips I learnt from a nutritionist were truly game-changing

They're obvious, but absolutely worth giving a go.

What it’s really like to live in the Cotswolds

Once best known for its rolling hills and honey-coloured stone, the Cotswolds has become the manicured, eye-wateringly expensive country playground of the famous and seriously rich. This world of posh farm shops, multi-million-pound mansions and whippet-thin women is satirised in Wives Like Us, a new novel out this month by Plum Sykes. The newest r...

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health - Sometimes you can also feel isolated when you’re around people.

How to Break Your Bad Habit

Ready to change your life? Work directly with me & my team to create the 2.0 you in under 10 weeks. APPLY HERE: Let's talk about how to break your bad habits for good! We're talking about habit change in this video. Here's what we'll cover: - A guilt-free exploration of breaking bad habits (from nicotine to doom scrolling) - Why you're stuck and how to break free with practical, non-judgmental advice. - My personal journey of overcoming recent zyn nicotine addiction - The science of addiction & dopamine's role in your cravings and motivation. - Strategies that work, including flipping your perspective on what you're "giving up." - And so much more The Best of Series | 10-years In The Making: We're Hiring! Apply here to join our team:

More people make 'no-buy year' pledges as overspending or climate worries catch up with them

NEW YORK (AP) — A 35-year-old Brooklyn resident gave up buying new clothes. A 22-year old in San Diego swore off retail therapy at Target. A 26-year old in England banned carbonated drinks from her shopping list. These three women, who don’t know each other, all started the year resolving to spend money only on necessary purchases, or what is popularly known as engaging in a no-buy challenge. The self-imposed rules of the challenge are simple:...

Women Who Win: Shiza Shahid on living with purpose and standing up for what you believe in

We talk to the co-founder of kitchen essentials brand Our Place

City with ‘no character’ named one of the best value commuter spots in the UK

It may be cheap, but residents say it's 'a copy and paste of every other UK town.'

Self-care: why looking after No 1 isn’t always best for your wellbeing

Like many people, I find that stress transforms me into a nasty combination of Oscar the Grouch and Scrooge McDuck. The more pressure I am under, the more irritable I feel – and the less generous I become. I partly blame our culture. I’ve read enough wellness advice to know that I need to prioritise my own needs over other people’s. And so, when I feel under pressure, I have often made it a habit to practise small indulgences aimed at restoring...

Jamaica is a 'fly and flop' favourite but here's how to get more out of your trip

What is there to do other than sun yourself on the beach at a Jamaican all-inclusive?

I started smoking at 14 – and reached 40 a day. A single therapy session changed my life

Smoking has warped my brain. One evening last winter, as I stood outside a pub, cigarette in hand, a friend who works in life insurance decided to calculate the chance of me dying before I hit 60 if I carried on smoking. He quizzed me about my lifestyle, plugging the answers into his death matrix. “If you give up smoking now, there’s a 6% chance you die before hitting 60. If you don’t, it’s 13%,” he concluded. Normal people will see that the...

'How I manage my PCOS bloating (and IBS) with this healthy living plan'

Maeve Madden shares the tools that have worked for her in the past

Want to do more hiking this summer? Seasoned walkers share their top tips for newbies

Want to do more hiking this summer? Seasoned walkers share their top tips for newbies - From finding a group to nailing your day pack, here’s where to start. By Abi Jackson.

The year of the bucket list lifestyle: why young professionals don’t want to wait for adventure

The year of the bucket list lifestyle: why young professionals don’t want to wait for adventure - IN FOCUS : Who wants to rent a damp overpriced room in a houseshare when you could be working out of a campervan in-between climbing mountains? Ellie Muir investigates how the rise of digital nomadism has spawned one of the year’s biggest predicted lifestyle trends

Best sustainable swimwear brands: Hunza G, OAS and more

Best sustainable swimwear brands: Hunza G, OAS and more - Luxury labels that don’t cost the earth

How to wear this year’s festival fashion trends

How to wear this year’s festival fashion trends - From cowboy-core to flower power, it’s a chance to shake up your fashion this festival season, says Lotte Brundle.

‘After years of failed fad diets + workouts, I started lifting weights'

'At 43, it changed everything'

"I never worked out - now, at 46, I'm in my best shape ever and proof that it's never too late to find your fitness"

Lavina Mehta MBE built a body for life later in life - and reckons you can, too.

‘At 63 I’m ditching Cornwall for London to pursue a better quality of life’

When the sun shines, Elizabeth Berman enjoys the view of the River Camel estuary from the deck of her infinity pool, or swims in the bracing Celtic Sea. When the wind howls in the chimney, she curls up by the open fire, re-reading Daphne du Maurier’s classic Cornish novel, Jamaica Inn, with a G&T. It sounds idyllic, but this isn’t her retirement – ...

How to style your home like a professional

How to style your home like a professional - From mood boards to triangle formation, a top interior stylist shares her insider tips. By Sam Wylie-Harris.

Habits that destroy our mental health

There are certain psychological habits that often prevent us from living fully and feeling ourselves. They destroy us from within and affect our health and quality of life, according to Mentoly. Contradicting one's own feelings Denying or avoiding one's own emotions can lead to a deterioration of mental health and depression. Advice: Allow yourself...

Can Brooke Shields make the ‘ugly’ Croc truly fashionable?

Rare is the household that doesn’t have a pair of Crocs lurking somewhere between the shoe basket and the cupboard under the stairs. Regardless of your opinion on their aesthetic merits, even the staunchest haters would agree that they’re pretty useful for gardening in. Or maybe – provided it’s dark, and the neighbours don’t see you – putting out t...

To live long and strong in retirement, lift heavy weights

Taking up weight-training in retirement can preserve vital strength in later life, research suggests. Danish researchers tracked more than 450 healthy retirees who were randomly assigned to different exercises. The study published online in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine found that those who took up resistance training with heavy weights fared ...

'It feels like home': The Victorian house renovation bringing a sense of Sri Lanka to Peckham

'It feels like home': The Victorian house renovation bringing a sense of Sri Lanka to Peckham - A sense of connection with his native Sri Lanka was the unusual brief from tech entrepreneur Puli Liyanagama for his Victorian house in south London

All the world’s a stage, but not every kitchen. Inside a home that’s kitchen is behind a modern theatre curtain

Aptitude Studio created a modern theatre curtain to disguise cooks’ clutter in this theatrical home

Colombian family's genes offer new clue to delaying onset of Alzheimer's

Colombian family's genes offer new clue to delaying onset of Alzheimer's - Scientists studying a Colombian family plagued by early-in-life Alzheimer's have found a rare gene variant that seems to delay initial symptoms by about five years