'It feels like home': The Victorian house renovation bringing a sense of Sri Lanka to Peckham

'It feels like home': The Victorian house renovation bringing a sense of Sri Lanka to Peckham - A sense of connection with his native Sri Lanka was the unusual brief from tech entrepreneur Puli Liyanagama for his Victorian house in south London

The health risks of being a skinny old person – and how to stay strong

Like so many fitness influencers, Rosemary Mallace runs strength-based classes on YouTube. Unlike so many fitness influencers, she is 73. She’s just starting to add fell running and tap dancing to her exercise regime. “I’m trying to think of something that I can’t do that I used to be able to do and I can’t think of anything.” It seems the Miss Mar...

Best luxury UK hotels 2024: Where to stay for great food, family adventures and spa retreats

Best luxury UK hotels 2024: Where to stay for great food, family adventures and spa retreats - From rural country houses to grand dames in the city, here’s our pick of decadent British stays

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health - Sometimes you can also feel isolated when you’re around people.

How to Change Your Bad Habits

🎁 Click here to get the Illustration of this video: Most of us struggle with at least one bad habit that hinders our progress and well-being. But is it really as simple as just deciding to stop? As we delve into the complexities of our daily routines, we uncover the truths about good and bad habits – how they shape our lives, and more importantly, how we can transform them. We'll learn about the habit loop, the crucial role of triggers, actions, and rewards, and discover practical strategies for replacing detrimental habits with beneficial ones. Whether it's stress-eating, nail-biting, or any other habit you're battling, this video is your guide to understanding and mastering your habits. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey towards building a healthier, happier you! 🎨 To get every Art of Improvement illustration, CLICK HERE: 📄 To get every Art of Improvement PDF summary, CLICK HERE: 🔓 For all the PDF summaries AND illustrations AND other perks such as early access to videos, check out The Art of Improvement Ultimate Membership, CLICK HERE:

‘At 63 I’m ditching Cornwall for London to pursue a better quality of life’

When the sun shines, Elizabeth Berman enjoys the view of the River Camel estuary from the deck of her infinity pool, or swims in the bracing Celtic Sea. When the wind howls in the chimney, she curls up by the open fire, re-reading Daphne du Maurier’s classic Cornish novel, Jamaica Inn, with a G&T. It sounds idyllic, but this isn’t her retirement – ...

Best plus size dresses to wear for all occasions

Best plus size dresses to wear for all occasions - From minis and midis to maxi dresses in all the styles under the sun, our edit of the plus size dresses for every event in your diary

Living room makeover ideas on a budget – 10 statement tricks to spruce up a lounge

These living room makeover ideas on a budget offer simple yet chic decorating options – plus a ton of advice

My husband finds life easy, and ‘corrects’ me because I don’t

The question I am mid-40s and married. My husband is good at dealing with life. He never worries, is never insecure, always positive, has unlimited energy and always has a solution for everything. He deals with our kids seemingly without effort, doesn’t set many rules and never worries if they eat enough vegetables or go to bed too late. Everything is a breeze; rules are to be broken and life must be enjoyed. I am not like that. I like to abide...

I knew I had to give up drinking when my daughter asked ‘why is mummy behaving so strangely?’

I’m pretty sure I gravitated towards a career in advertising because of the heavy drinking lifestyle, although I now think that whatever industry I’d found myself in, I’d have been a drinker, because alcohol gave me the social confidence I lacked. My first foray was trying cider when I was 15 and drinking with my then-boyfriend who was older than m...

I walked for 90 minutes every day for two years — here’s what changed for me

Taking a low-impact walk every morning improved my mood, boosted my wellbeing and made me appreciate nature, and it didn't cost a thing.

10 most relaxing places to live in the UK revealed

Living in Faro, the Algarve: best areas, cost of living and advantages

Faro, the capital of Portugal's sunny Algarve region, attracts residents and tourists for its natural beauty, cultural heritage and enviable quality of life. This charming city, situated in the south of Portugal, offers a vibrant mix of tradition and modernity, making it a popular destination for those looking to live a quiet life by the sea.

'Laoqianfeng' Is China's 'Quiet Luxury': Here's How The Ultra Rich Are Redefining Status Symbols

In China, the wealthiest millennials are showcasing their achievements through unique and understated status symbols, moving away from traditional ostentatious displays of wealth. As millennials, those in their late 20s to early 40s, reach significant life milestones, many are prioritising career progress and unique experiences over conventional sy...

How do you bring your spiritual self to your job and make sure you are doing more good than harm?

The average person will spend 90,000 hours – about 20% of their waking life – at work. The French philosopher Simone Weil calls work “part of an ever-renewing rhythm of human existence”. ⁠Work is my everyday existence. How can it also be the site of my spirituality? According to some of the major religions, work is a crucial arena for spiritual connection. Mindful work is one of the four paths to enlightenment in Hinduism, karma yoga and Zen...

Jamaica is a 'fly and flop' favourite but here's how to get more out of your trip

What is there to do other than sun yourself on the beach at a Jamaican all-inclusive?

How much to save for retirement – according to your lifestyle

Whether retirement is just around the corner, or decades away, one worrying truth remains the same – you’re probably not saving enough for it. Despite auto-enrolment pension reforms, which set up qualifying employees with a workplace pension and overall contributions of 8pc, most workers are still not saving enough for a comfortable retirement – an...

Can Brooke Shields make the ‘ugly’ Croc truly fashionable?

Rare is the household that doesn’t have a pair of Crocs lurking somewhere between the shoe basket and the cupboard under the stairs. Regardless of your opinion on their aesthetic merits, even the staunchest haters would agree that they’re pretty useful for gardening in. Or maybe – provided it’s dark, and the neighbours don’t see you – putting out t...

Handsome red lips and grown-up pinks: the best AW24 make-up looks (and how to do them)

Here's how to play with colour, according to one very chic French make-up artist

All the world’s a stage, but not every kitchen. Inside a home that’s kitchen is behind a modern theatre curtain

Aptitude Studio created a modern theatre curtain to disguise cooks’ clutter in this theatrical home

I took collagen everyday for two months — here are 3 things that happened

After hearing a lot of good things, it was time for me to try collagen for myself

Taking medication in line with body clock reduces risk of heart attack

Taking medication in line with body clock reduces risk of heart attack - Patients who were ‘morning people’ were less likely to have a heart attack if they took their medication in the morning, the study found.

Why boho is big this summer

Why boho is big this summer - From revival on the runway to Sienna Miller’s return to the high street: here’s why boho is back and how to wear it.

'Smoking Doesn’t Fit In With Her Otherwise Super Healthy Persona, But That's What Makes Her All The More Relatable' - 5 Reasons Why I'm Charley Hull's Biggest Fan

Ahead of the third women's Major of the year, PGA professional Emma Booth sums up why Charley Hull is a breath of fresh air on and off the golf course

Madeira's capital Funchal offers a natural retreat on the city's doorstep

Be sure to add these stops to your itinerary.

Michael Moseley names one fruit everyone should eat to lower bad cholesterol

High cholesterol can cause health problems

How to master grown-up festival dressing

Denim hotpants? Fringe jackets? Absolutely not! This is Good Housekeeping's ultimate festival fashion guide for grown-ups

27 Iconic J.Lo Street Style Outfits

The icon has blessed us with fashion moments aplenty (not to mention, his-and-hers style).

I shifted my midlife weight in six months – now I’m fitter than I was in my twenties

I used to be a stylist, working incredibly long hours styling A-list celebrities, and while it sounds glamorous, it was exactly the opposite: you start very early in the morning, finish late at night and if you’ve not got exactly the right jumper, everyone acts as if the world is falling apart. Because the work was so stressful, we all did a lot of...

Jodie Comer On Learning To Smoke For 'The Bikeriders', Losing Her Anonymity, And More

And this is why she's watching clips of Cheryl on 'The X Factor'

Why I live in Wandsworth: baker Ruby Bhogal on the dog-friendly 'village' that has it all

Why I live in Wandsworth: baker Ruby Bhogal on the dog-friendly 'village' that has it all - The baker, author and GBBO alumna was so taken with Wandsworth she persuaded her best friend to move there too

My Lumie lamp cured my anxiety-induced insomnia – no, really

A sunset simulator changed my sleep habits and totally changed my life

Living in Castellon: what it's like, best areas and cost of living

Discovering Castellon is entering a province that offers an ideal quality of life, with a perfect balance between peaceful beaches and vibrant city life. Suppose you're considering making Castellon your new home or you're simply interested in learning more about this gem in east Spanish, this article will provide you with valuable information about what it's like to live in Castellon, the best areas to live and the cost of living.

14 things Brits living in the US miss most about the UK

Always struggle to get up in the morning? 9 failsafe tips for becoming a morning person and actually enjoying it

Rise and shine.

Best sustainable swimwear brands: Hunza G, OAS and more

Best sustainable swimwear brands: Hunza G, OAS and more - Luxury labels that don’t cost the earth

Scientists say humans should eat like a salmon to get essential nutrients

Scientists say humans should eat like a salmon to get essential nutrients - Directly eating more wild feed species could have health benefits, researchers suggest

A moment that changed me: I was divorced, broke and alone – but I turned my life around with a list

The silence in the flat was deafening. Having lost almost everything in my divorce, it was now just me in a basement studio flat with black mould. I had no TV, no sofa and the wifi wasn’t set up. I sat at a cheap folding table and made a list. Since my life was no longer going to be the way I had planned – marriage, kids, a dog, a late-Victorian terrace in a country town – I was going to try something else. I was going to do all the things on my...

"I never worked out - now, at 46, I'm in my best shape ever and proof that it's never too late to find your fitness"

Lavina Mehta MBE built a body for life later in life - and reckons you can, too.

What it’s really like to live in the Cotswolds

Once best known for its rolling hills and honey-coloured stone, the Cotswolds has become the manicured, eye-wateringly expensive country playground of the famous and seriously rich. This world of posh farm shops, multi-million-pound mansions and whippet-thin women is satirised in Wives Like Us, a new novel out this month by Plum Sykes. The newest r...

‘It probably saved my life’: How a low-carb diet can help with type 2 diabetes

‘It probably saved my life’: How a low-carb diet can help with type 2 diabetes - After he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Giancarlo and his wife Katie went on a journey to discover the low-carb diet that would eventually put him in remission

To live long and strong in retirement, lift heavy weights

Taking up weight-training in retirement can preserve vital strength in later life, research suggests. Danish researchers tracked more than 450 healthy retirees who were randomly assigned to different exercises. The study published online in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine found that those who took up resistance training with heavy weights fared ...

London leavers: 'We left behind Bethnal Green to live in a £395,000 old stone house on the Isle of Skye'

London leavers: 'We left behind Bethnal Green to live in a £395,000 old stone house on the Isle of Skye' - Clare Coghill and Dave Stroud drove over 630 plus miles with their rescue dog Peggy to relocate to the Inner Hebrides

Parents feel 'trapped' into living near grandparents to benefit from free childcare

Families are finding they're stuck in a 'parent trap' when it comes to where they live with many needing to be close to grandparents in order to get help with childcare.

'I'm 45, and this 12-week exercise programme changed my body (and life!)'

'I love being able to see what my body could do'

10 Interesting Facts About People Who Like to Be Alone

Here are 10 interesting facts about people who like to be alone. If you like being alone most of the time, you will relate to this list a lot. And if you're more social and outgoing, this video will provide you with valuable insight into the truly amazing world of the lone wolf personality type so that you can better understand the loners in your life. While it's easy to say that people who enjoy being alone are just more introverted or shy, there's actually more to the quiet type. In fact, there are many special personality traits of people who like to be alone. Loners also tend to be highly intuitive people, and their intuition is a powerful guiding force in their lives. So, whether you were born to be a loner or just want to learn more about these folks, you'll learn a lot from this video. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe To Our Channel for More Videos Like This! TWITTER: FACEBOOK:

23 backyard ideas and landscaping inspiration for a stunning outdoor space –in all seasons

From fire pits to vegetable gardens and hard landscaping tips, these backyard ideas will deliver year-round interest to create a cool, convivial spot.

Have a home, or have a life? The brutal reality young adults face

Increasingly, Millennials and Gen Z are also being forced to make brutal choices about what they can and cannot afford to do

I dreamed of travelling while working remotely — then it became my nightmare

The digital nomad lifestyle is not all it's cracked up to be.

Foods that slow brain aging and how to incorporate them in your diet

A new study has shown that specific nutrients, similar to those found in the Mediterranean diet, can play a crucial role in slowing brain aging, according to Healthline. Foods that slow brain aging Scientists have found that fatty fish should be included in your diet. "Fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and trout, are rich in omega-3 fatt...