I’ve been in Wandsworth for four years now. Before that I was in Bermondsey — I’m definitely a south-of-the-river kind of girl.

I met my partner, who had bought a flat in Wandsworth, and basically told him me and my dog were moving in.

I grew up in a village in Berkshire, and I feel like I’ve found that small village feel within London. There’s so much green space, and as someone who prioritises my dog above all else I love that it’s so dog friendly.

I’ve even persuaded my best friend to move here.

We’re now on the north side, not far from Clapham Junction. It’s a bit more residential and family friendly. My partner is itching to move slightly nearer to our parents, but I’m going to dig my heels in.

Best eating and drinking

Every single morning, without fail, I go to Story Coffee. We have so many cute little places on St John’s Hill and then Battersea Rise has an abundance of good eating spots.

Everywhere is dog friendly around here, which is a big plus.

I love Vietnamese food and there’s a new place near me called Viet Caphe, which does everything from boba tea to phenomenal bánh mì. It’s been open for about six weeks and I’ve already tried everything.

Kaosarn is a great Thai place with tasty, cheap food and a BYOB situation. We’ve also got this really nice Italian called Taverna Trastevere, which is always buzzy no matter what.

Hatch has some inventive dishes and a great Sunday roast. Towards Clapham there’s a French place called Soif that does this really good French roast.

Where I work out

My favourite run is towards Battersea Park, but also you’ve got the embankment and Albert Bridge. I love running but only when it’s cold.

In all honesty I’ve always got an excuse. It’ll get to 8pm and I still haven’t been to the gym, so I’ve bought a treadmill. Will I make it to the treadmill today? We can live in hope.

To commune with nature

Wandsworth Common is my favourite park and it’s particularly lovely on a summer’s evening when there’s not many people around. At the weekend there’s often a gelato van; I’ve tried every single flavour and I would recommend the cherry and pistachio.

Wandsworth Park is right on the river and will be packed at the first hint of sunshine.

For a culture fix

The Clapham Grand is much loved in this area.

It was a bingo hall in the Eighties, but now it has everything from intimate gigs to theatre and comedy. I love that it’s a London venue without the London prices.

Grocery shopping

There are lots of mini supermarkets and corner shops down St John’s Hill and then towards Battersea Rise we’ve got a big Waitrose and an M&S. There’s also a really nice Whole Foods, but be prepared to spend your mortgage in there.

I go to The Butcher’s Table on St John’s Hill at least once a week. The quality of ingredients is just phenomenal and they’ve got a lovely dog called Daphne, which makes the shopping experience even better.

We’ve also a new Prezzemolo & Vitale, which is an Italian deli and store. The only thing that’s probably missing from my doorstep is a really good Asian supermarket.

Getting around

I’m late for everything, so I’ve timed my walk to Clapham Junction to a T so that I can push it to the very last minute. Then it’s three minutes into Vauxhall or nine minutes to Waterloo.

Dream street

Every single house on Spencer Park is an absolute dream, and they all back on to a private garden.

Something you only see in Wandsworth

I stumbled across the windmill on Wandsworth Common when I was looking for dog-walking routes. It’s a 19th-century smock mill, and a handy landmark when you’re trying to meet friends.

What’s the catch?

Once you get here you don’t want to leave! But it comes with a price tag. My partner wants to buy a bit further out, but this is exactly what I’m looking for.

In three words...

Best in town.

Ruby Bhogal’s debut book, One Bake Two Ways (£26, Pavilion Books), is out on 20th June.


Allfarthing, Swaffield, West Hill, St Anne’s Church of England and St Faith’s Church of England are all local primary schools rated Good by Ofsted.

Ashcroft Technology Academy is an Outstanding secondary on the border with Putney, and there’s also Ark Bolingbroke Academy towards Battersea, close to private Emanuel School.

What it costs

Buying in Wandsworth

Average flat price: £531,560

Average house price: £1,286,410

Renting in Wandsworth

Average flat price, pcm: £2,400

Average house price, pcm: £3,850

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