Understanding anxiety: Behaviors not to take personally

Sometimes, people experience anxiety sporadically. Typically, worry due to specific events or everyday concerns lasts briefly, from a few minutes to a few days. It's important to understand situations where getting upset with someone isn't necessary, as there are specific reasons for this, according to the "How are you?" psychological community on ...

This is how to 'eat for abs' – according to two nutritionists

Sooooo... are abs really built in the kitchen?

Taylor Swift takes the Cotswolds: a local's guide to the chicest spots

Taylor Swift takes the Cotswolds: a local's guide to the chicest spots - As Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce pinpoint Chipping Norton as their UK base, Maddy Mussen taps up insider Plum Sykes for her little black book of super-rich hangouts

Are you overeating? Here’s how to tell – and break the habit

A second slice of cake on your birthday, an extra burger at a BBQ and a few too many chocolates at Christmas – we all occasionally overindulge. But it can be damaging for our health if it becomes a common occurrence. An overeater may regularly find themselves eating five or six biscuits, instead of one or two. It’s not as severe as binge eating (wh...

Research quantifies impact of childhood obesity on long-term health and life expectancy

New research being presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Venice, Italy (12-15 May) has, for the first time, quantified the impact of different aspects of childhood obesity on long-term health and life expectancy. The modelling by stradoo GmbH, a life sciences consultancy in...

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares 4 easy tips for women over 40

Beauty tips for a busy life from a makeup pro.

8 healthy habits to help you live longer – according to a new study

8 healthy habits to help you live longer – according to a new study - As researchers identify the key life-extending habits, Lisa Salmon takes a closer look.

‘After years of failed fad diets + workouts, I started lifting weights'

'At 43, it changed everything'

How to tell if you’re a social media addict

How to tell if you’re a social media addict - LET’S UNPACK THAT: More than half of Gen Z believe they have a problem when it comes to scrolling, with an increasing number seeking professional help. Helen Coffey investigates what effects being constantly online can have on our mental health and asks the experts how to break the cycle

47 living room ideas: latest trends and easy decor updates

These living room ideas come with comfy surprises and modern flair, so you can relax and unwind in a revamped sitting room space.

I used to live on takeaways, now I’m a 51-year-old bodybuilder

Sarah Davies, 51, is not your average bodybuilder. The mother of one, who works full-time, picked up her intense training routine in midlife and “fell into it by accident”, she says. “I’d struggled with my weight from when I left school and discovered alcohol, boys and Chinese takeaways,” she says. “Throughout my 20s and 30s, I did all kinds of car...

How did scientists discover new anti-ageing secrets from the world’s longest-living vertebrate?

The study found that higher ocean temperatures could threaten the unique species of shark. View on euronews

Should I worry about being tired all the time?

Zonked, frazzled, drained, pooped, knackered, running on fumes – or just totally exhausted. In much the same way that the Shona-speaking people of Zimbabwe have a dozen verbs for walking, our modern vocabulary seems to have developed 20 ways of explaining that we are quite tired, most of the time. But is there anything about 21st-century life – our screen addictions, side-hustle culture or always-on mindsets – that means we are more tired, or...

Best plus size swimwear: bikinis and swimsuits from our favourite brands

Best plus size swimwear: bikinis and swimsuits from our favourite brands - Got a holiday on the horizon? Consider your poolside wardrobe in the bag

Life-Threatening Symptoms: 14 Red Flags You Must Address

Poisoning is a serious risk for both pets and humans, and it’s crucial to recognise the signs early. Various everyday substances can be toxic, and quick action can save lives. Here are 14 deadly symptoms of poisoning and the potential poisons to watch out for in the UK. 1. Vomiting Vomiting is one of the […]

What to buy in Lidl – and what to avoid

When Lidl launched in the UK in 1994, a shopping trip was like going abroad. The unfamiliar brands, the Germanic styling, the multilingual labels. It was all so foreign. Then there was the unapologetic presentation – the pallets stacked with boxes, the lack of choice (one kind of tinned tomatoes, while Sainsburys might have six or more), the scant ...

Our favourite swimwear picks to wear this summer

Swimwear season is officially here

Nordic chronic kidney disease diet enhances health-related quality of life

By Dr. Liji Thomas, MD Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a debilitating condition that affects the emotional, physical, and social well-being of affected patients, thereby reducing their quality of life (QoL). A new study published in the journal Nutrients examines how health-related QoL (HRQoL)...

27 Iconic J.Lo Street Style Outfits

The icon has blessed us with fashion moments aplenty (not to mention, his-and-hers style).

This is Why People in Costa Rica Live Longer than Anywhere Else in the World

Continuous Glucose Monitor from Signos use Code FEB15 Why do People in Costa Rica Live so Long? This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free. Click HERE to Subscribe: Please check out the new Shorts channel, DeLauer Clips and Workouts, here: Please Subscribe to my Email Newsletter Here: Follow More of My Daily Life on Instagram: References https://o

Early death risk grows with just three ‘slightly unhealthy mid-life traits’

Just three “slightly unhealthy traits” in mid-life increase the risk of early death by a third, research suggests. The study found people carrying extra weight in their 40s and 50s who also had slightly raised blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar levels were also 35 per cent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke over the next three dec...

The intuitive self-care rituals that Bobbi Brown lives by

The make-up artist and entrepreneur on her personalised approach to wellness

I went solo travelling in my 60s - here's what it taught me

Eager to discover the real Italy, Lorna Jackson, 72, went on a three-month solo exploration. Speaking to GH, she shares the life lessons that she returned home with.

‘We live in the best house in the world’: five design experts on how to live better in small homes

Australia has some of the largest homes in the world. Many who do live small aspire to one day live big. But around the world, limited space is not always seen as a sacrifice. From Sweden, where the average size of an apartment is 68 sq metres, to Hong Kong’s micro flats as small as 18 sq metres, globally architects are used to getting creative with tight spaces – they must let as much light in and offer individuals and families the same...

Designer Amanda Wakeley’s 5 golden rules for a capsule wardrobe

Designer Amanda Wakeley’s 5 golden rules for a capsule wardrobe - The renowned British fashion designer discusses her tips for acquiring a timeless wardrobe.

The 10 best Glastonbury looks of all time and how to replicate them

Our favourite fashion from the farm

I’ve ditched city life to live in a cave – I’ll never go back

Gisbert Lippelt has swapped city life for a simple life in a cave in Italy, but there is one modern convenience he cannot do without

How the way you wear your socks shows your age

You’ve swapped your highlights for balayage, ditched your Sambas for Gazelles and embraced tweakments with an open mind and a lighter wallet. Just when you thought you were comfortably passing for a nonchalantly stylish and well-preserved midlifer, along comes another microtrend determined to age you. This time, it’s socks – not an item you had on ...

Tenerife's seedy underbelly, the dark side of its nightlife and the risks to young Brits

Ciara O'Loughlin worked in Tenerife when she was 20 and says the island's party reputation is deserved - but there is also a 'serious drug underworld', as the search to find missing teen Jay Slater continues

How I went from couch potato to gym bunny in my early 60s – and stayed fit

I’m writing this for the me of two years ago and trying to think of a way to start it that wouldn’t have made her throw the paper on the floor. “I got up on Sunday morning to go to the gym – and went again on Monday…” would have had her heading straight to the recycling bin with it. Equally, telling her: “I made that choice, over staying in bed doi...

What is the lion diet + is it safe? Nutritionists weigh in

Hint: You probably shouldn't hop on this trend

Forget the Mediterranean diet - as a cynical Health Writer, even I'm impressed with the trending Atlantic diet

Food lovers, rejoice - this one's for you.

14 things Brits living in the US miss most about the UK

CrossFit champion Sara Sigmundsdóttir on training, rehabbing, and expressing her creativity

'I train for between six and eight hours a day, with breaks in between'

Feeling lonely? Here are 31 tried and tested tips to combat loneliness

Loneliness can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health

6 Summer Trends Italians Have Mastered That Channel "La Dolce Vita" Dressing

A taste of the good life.

'I'd never felt at home until I moved here': Ashley James on living in Battersea

'I'd never felt at home until I moved here': Ashley James on living in Battersea - TV presenter and radio broadcaster Ashley James on why her patch of south-west London is the first place she has felt at home in the city

Habits that destroy our mental health

There are certain psychological habits that often prevent us from living fully and feeling ourselves. They destroy us from within and affect our health and quality of life, according to Mentoly. Contradicting one's own feelings Denying or avoiding one's own emotions can lead to a deterioration of mental health and depression. Advice: Allow yourself...

The Simple Steps That Cut This Man's Cholesterol in Half and Dropped His Body Fat

He thought he was living healthfully, but when he learned what to tweak, everything changed

Have a home, or have a life? The brutal reality young adults face

Increasingly, Millennials and Gen Z are also being forced to make brutal choices about what they can and cannot afford to do

Beating a drink or drug dependency is life-changing - here’s how to get help

Not only is getting help vital, but it is also free and it works. So how do you go about finding treatment for either yourself or someone you love?

Vegans snap up diet supplements as health concerns grow

Vegans are racing to buy diet supplements amid growing concerns that the lifestyle can cause health problems, a senior retailer has said. Alex Gourley, the chairman of Holland & Barrett, said people on vegan diets were starting to be “much more aware of the supplements” they needed to take when only eating plant-based food. Mr Gourley said customer...

Five easy life changes that'll help you live longer, according to an expert

They really are easy to incorporate into your lives.

The 3-minute yoga routine that can lower your blood sugar and stress levels

A little can do a lot.

How many litres of water should you drink a day and does tea count?

Drink up!

What is combination cholesterol therapy, as study suggests it could save lives?

What is combination cholesterol therapy, as study suggests it could save lives? - Researchers say thousands of lives could be changed every year.

The End of Retirement as We Know It

Baby Boomers face a retirement like no generation before them, and rather than being the 'beginning of the end,' it's the beginning of a new life phase.

I walked for 90 minutes every day for two years — here’s what changed for me

Taking a low-impact walk every morning improved my mood, boosted my wellbeing and made me appreciate nature, and it didn't cost a thing.

Eight Easy Ways to Save Money Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

Saving money can be as simple as a quick phone call.

Why do lesbian and bisexual women have higher mortality rates?

Why do lesbian and bisexual women have higher mortality rates? - A nurses’ health study looked at a decade’s worth of data