The 10 best Glastonbury looks of all time and how to replicate them

Our favourite fashion from the farm

'I'd never felt at home until I moved here': Ashley James on living in Battersea

'I'd never felt at home until I moved here': Ashley James on living in Battersea - TV presenter and radio broadcaster Ashley James on why her patch of south-west London is the first place she has felt at home in the city

Eight Easy Ways to Save Money Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

Saving money can be as simple as a quick phone call.

The simple lifestyle changes that could cut the risk of irritable bowel syndrome

Simple everyday lifestyle changes could cut the risk of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to a new long-term study.

The ultimate guide to doing Barbados in style

The ultimate guide to doing Barbados in style - From the restaurant at the forefront of the island’s growing slow food movement, to the hotels that keep people coming back year after year, Alice Howarth has your guide to planning the perfect fly-and-flop break on the Platinum Coast

I used to live on takeaways, now I’m a 51-year-old bodybuilder

Sarah Davies, 51, is not your average bodybuilder. The mother of one, who works full-time, picked up her intense training routine in midlife and “fell into it by accident”, she says. “I’d struggled with my weight from when I left school and discovered alcohol, boys and Chinese takeaways,” she says. “Throughout my 20s and 30s, I did all kinds of car...

How to tell if you’re a social media addict

How to tell if you’re a social media addict - LET’S UNPACK THAT: More than half of Gen Z believe they have a problem when it comes to scrolling, with an increasing number seeking professional help. Helen Coffey investigates what effects being constantly online can have on our mental health and asks the experts how to break the cycle

The hidden ways alcohol impacts your health

The hidden ways alcohol impacts your health - Some of the risks associated with drinking are ‘invisible’ at first

Seven rules of slowing down after 60 – and why you shouldn’t take it too easy

It’s 9pm and I’m out for dinner with the man I am dating and he’s yawning. Am I boring  him? The opposite, he says. He’s finding it hard to keep up. He’s 63, retired and complaining that he never sees me and he thinks I need to slow down. OK, I admit it, it’s been a busy January. I’ve recently set up a book festival, I’m writing a book myself and I...

I went solo travelling in my 60s - here's what it taught me

Eager to discover the real Italy, Lorna Jackson, 72, went on a three-month solo exploration. Speaking to GH, she shares the life lessons that she returned home with.

I’ve ditched city life to live in a cave – I’ll never go back

Gisbert Lippelt has swapped city life for a simple life in a cave in Italy, but there is one modern convenience he cannot do without

Lifestyle changes can greatly reduce heart disease risk in people with high genetic risk

By Priyanjana Pramanik, MSc. A recent study published in the journal Nature Human Behavior explored the interactions between genetic risk and lifestyle factors on the onset and types of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The research revealed that individuals with unfavorable lifestyles and hi...

How did scientists discover new anti-ageing secrets from the world’s longest-living vertebrate?

The study found that higher ocean temperatures could threaten the unique species of shark. View on euronews

Have a home, or have a life? The brutal reality young adults face

Increasingly, Millennials and Gen Z are also being forced to make brutal choices about what they can and cannot afford to do

A moment that changed me: I was divorced, broke and alone – but I turned my life around with a list

The silence in the flat was deafening. Having lost almost everything in my divorce, it was now just me in a basement studio flat with black mould. I had no TV, no sofa and the wifi wasn’t set up. I sat at a cheap folding table and made a list. Since my life was no longer going to be the way I had planned – marriage, kids, a dog, a late-Victorian terrace in a country town – I was going to try something else. I was going to do all the things on my...

How many litres of water should you drink a day and does tea count?

Drink up!

Nordic chronic kidney disease diet enhances health-related quality of life

By Dr. Liji Thomas, MD Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a debilitating condition that affects the emotional, physical, and social well-being of affected patients, thereby reducing their quality of life (QoL). A new study published in the journal Nutrients examines how health-related QoL (HRQoL)...

Plato, pilates and pubs: has an Irish town found the secret to the good life?

Philosophers have long debated the concept of the good life and whether such an exalted state exists but the reality turns out to be not so elusive: you drive north from Dublin on the M1, turn right onto the R132, take another right at Blake’s Cross and keep going until you reach the sea. Then, if you have any sense, you stay put for ever because you are in Skerries. This town of 11,000 people on Ireland’s east coast does not look remarkable....

Understanding anxiety: Behaviors not to take personally

Sometimes, people experience anxiety sporadically. Typically, worry due to specific events or everyday concerns lasts briefly, from a few minutes to a few days. It's important to understand situations where getting upset with someone isn't necessary, as there are specific reasons for this, according to the "How are you?" psychological community on ...

Healthy eating, physical activity, and medication: Type 2 diabetes patients' willingness to engage varies

By Dr. Liji Thomas, MD Type 2 diabetes (T2D) may occur as a result of unhealthy lifestyle habits. People with T2D are often associated with diets with excessive sugar, high alcohol consumption, smoking, and have sedentary habits. This has sparked much interest in determining the optimal lifes...

27 Iconic J.Lo Street Style Outfits

The icon has blessed us with fashion moments aplenty (not to mention, his-and-hers style).

Can a 9pm bedtime cure me of my constant exhaustion?

New research found a third of people in the UK are not happy with their quality and quantity of sleep

How to lose weight — and keep it off forever

How to lose weight — and keep it off forever - Learn how to control your impulses, and teach your body a new routine, says behaviour change expert Shahroo Izadi

What is the lion diet + is it safe? Nutritionists weigh in

Hint: You probably shouldn't hop on this trend

Taylor Swift takes the Cotswolds: a local's guide to the chicest spots

Taylor Swift takes the Cotswolds: a local's guide to the chicest spots - As Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce pinpoint Chipping Norton as their UK base, Maddy Mussen taps up insider Plum Sykes for her little black book of super-rich hangouts

The health risks of being a skinny old person – and how to stay strong

Like so many fitness influencers, Rosemary Mallace runs strength-based classes on YouTube. Unlike so many fitness influencers, she is 73. She’s just starting to add fell running and tap dancing to her exercise regime. “I’m trying to think of something that I can’t do that I used to be able to do and I can’t think of anything.” It seems the Miss Mar...

‘After years of failed fad diets + workouts, I started lifting weights'

'At 43, it changed everything'

The DIY addicts creating their perfect home – and saving over £50,000

Some women buy their husbands watches or aftershave as presents. But knowing how much he loves DIY, Tim Mulhall’s wife bought him a dilapidated vintage train carriage, thinking it would be ideal to convert into a micro-Airbnb. “Clearly I was running out of projects, so my wife found a local farmer who had all of these old railway wagons in his fiel...

Running a B&B in France turned me into Basil Fawlty

Showbusiness wasn’t meant to be like this; this was not what I’d had in mind at all. I’d driven in a daze for four hours back from a mediocre stand-up gig in Leeds to our tiny, Victorian semi in Crawley. It was now three in the morning. There had been a stroke of luck as I’d managed to find a parking space within walking distance of our house, but ...

14 things Brits living in the US miss most about the UK

Personality has more impact on satisfaction than circumstances, study suggests

Personality has more impact on satisfaction than circumstances, study suggests - Researchers spoke to 20,000 people and those close to them to assess their level of general happiness with life.

Burnt out at work? Become a tradie to reduce your stress levels

The least - and most stressful - jobs have been ranked.

I walked for 90 minutes every day for two years — here’s what changed for me

Taking a low-impact walk every morning improved my mood, boosted my wellbeing and made me appreciate nature, and it didn't cost a thing.

The Atlantic diet: Benefits, food list and recipes

The Atlantic diet made headlines around the world when a new study showed that people following the diet lost several inches around their waistline. The study, published in the journal JAMA Network Open, demonstrated that the group who followed the diet reduced their risk of metabolic syndrome by a third in just six months. Metabolic syndrome is ma...

Forget the Mediterranean diet - as a cynical Health Writer, even I'm impressed with the trending Atlantic diet

Food lovers, rejoice - this one's for you.

Michael Moseley names one fruit everyone should eat to lower bad cholesterol

High cholesterol can cause health problems

How I renovated my childhood home to suit modern life

When Georgina Sargent and her family moved into the Georgian rectory where she lived as a child, she encountered a delicate, if quite common issue. How do you update the family home you grew up in and make it work for modern life, without destroying its character and charm? Georgina’s parents had bought the rectory in the early 1980s, when it was i...

The End of Retirement as We Know It

Baby Boomers face a retirement like no generation before them, and rather than being the 'beginning of the end,' it's the beginning of a new life phase.

Millionaires reveal 8 frugal habits that helped them get rich

I shifted my midlife weight in six months – now I’m fitter than I was in my twenties

I used to be a stylist, working incredibly long hours styling A-list celebrities, and while it sounds glamorous, it was exactly the opposite: you start very early in the morning, finish late at night and if you’ve not got exactly the right jumper, everyone acts as if the world is falling apart. Because the work was so stressful, we all did a lot of...

Rheumatoid arthritis forced me to change my diet – and now I’m pain free

I can’t remember a time in my life when there hasn’t been pain somewhere in my body. It came to dominate much of my adult life. If somebody hasn’t been in constant pain, it’s hard to describe it to them. You’re masking the whole time, and everything is so much more difficult. The mornings were the worst for me as the throbbing and aching sensations...

9 easy tips that will help you live longer

Feeling lonely? Here are 31 tried and tested tips to combat loneliness

Loneliness can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health

Five easy life changes that'll help you live longer, according to an expert

They really are easy to incorporate into your lives.

These Are The 5 Summer Hair Trends You're About To See Everywhere, According To Experts

From French twists to cowgirl hair

Chris Whitty reveals the 'old-fashioned' habits best for longer life

Professor Sir Chris Whitty has recommended "old-fashioned" methods for the ageing population to remain healthy - insisting falling sick is not "inevitable".

True romance: how to keep the love alive when money is tight

For the three years my partner and I have been engaged, we have tiptoed around the financial elephant in the room: how much should we spend on our wedding? We’re both freelance and our finances fluctuate, so for a long time we did what any tension-averse introverts do and didn’t talk about it. Eventually – a few months ago – we had The Chat, decided we didn’t need anything flashy to show how in love we are and settled on a small register office...

This is how to look after your ageing dog

When people get older, all kinds of age-related ailments pop up. They need to rest more, become more rigid, get cold or too hot more quickly ... This is no different for dogs. Dogs do not stay young forever either. So they need extra care and attention from their owner. This is how to make the life of your 'aging friend' as pleasant as possible: Provide a comfortable resting place Pleasant temperature, soft and clean. Take care of the coat With...

Madeira's capital Funchal offers a natural retreat on the city's doorstep

Be sure to add these stops to your itinerary.

What you can do now to prevent a stroke in the future, according to doctors

What you can do now to prevent a stroke in the future, according to doctors - How to lower your stroke risk at every age