As we head to the third women’s Major of the year, the KPMG Women's PGA Championship at Sahalee Country Club, there is one player that everyone is excited to watch and that’s England’s Charley Hull. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why I can’t wait to see not only how she rips it round the golf course, but her post-round interviews that offer insight into the mind of one of the most entertaining figures in women’s golf. 

Shy Kids Don’t Get Sweets

While it's not advice I’d give to my own children, what with stranger danger and all, her motto is the embodiment of Charley’s fearless playing style that makes her a hugely entertaining watch and a firm fan favourite. 

Charley enjoys nothing more than a chase which she demonstrated last year by climbing the leaderboard during the final rounds at Pebble Beach in the US Women's Open. The putts she was rolling in were something to behold! If Charley gets that bit between her teeth this week we are all potentially in for a real sweet treat! 

Strong Work Ethic

Charley’s instagram is testament to just how hard she works in the gym. She is putting in the work to ensure she stays fit, strong and supple and most importantly, to avoid injury. 

The dedication to her fitness clearly pays off with her drives averaging 265 yards. She is one of the longer hitters on Tour and is likely to stay up there thanks to her gruelling workouts. She is also a huge advocate of the benefits that working out has on her mental health. 

Charley began playing golf aged 2 and left school to be homeschooled aged 12. That’s a young age to go all in, but I think we can agree that the risk payed off. She clearly showed a talent for golf from a young age, but it was the hard work and dedication to honing her craft that has put her where she is today. 

Fashion Icon

In case you hadn’t noticed, Charley is deemed very attractive and wouldn’t look out of place in the lineup for a series of Love Island. While looks aren’t something I place huge stock in myself, it’s hard to deny the fact that Charley looks like a model and has very cool fashion sense to boot. 

Her latest collaboration with edgy golf fashion brand Malbon (the same brand that Jason Day made waves wearing at this year's Masters) makes her all the more appealing to a wider audience and an inspiration to the younger generation, who if were ever in doubt that golf can be cool, Charley answers that. 

Refreshingly Honest

In today’s world of PR managed social media accounts and press conferences, Charley’s candour and humour always shines through in her interactions with fans and during interviews. She’s honest about her ups and downs on and off the course. 

In 2023 Charley spoke about being diagnosed with ADHD, which for many of those close to her may have come as no surprise, but it’s helped her understand herself and her sometimes impatient/boredom on the course. I have no doubt that an athlete of her calibre speaking out about her journey with ADHD will have helped many others with similar issues. 

Then there was the smoking earlier this month. If she wasn’t at the forefront of women’s golf before, she certainly is now! Yes smoking is bad and no, it is not a great example to the younger generation, but there was just something so comical about seeing her signing autographs for kids while puffing away! 

The video captured went viral and saw Charley’s name trend across social media, putting her on the radar of many new fans, who praised her relaxed easy manner and authenticity. The fact it doesn’t fit in with her otherwise super healthy and fitness mad persona is what makes her all the more relatable, she is human and by no means perfect, despite the smoke, Charley is a true breath of fresh air. 

Due A Big Tournament Win

I can feel in my bones, she’s due a Major soon. While the feeling in my bones may not be scientifically backed, my husband knows well enough to trust them when I insist the children should take coats to school. 

Turning pro at the tender age of 17, Charley continued her success, smoothly transitioning from being a top amateur to making waves in the professional game.  She was the youngest ever player selected to be part of the Solheim Cup and has multiple professional wins on both the LET and LPGA Tours, not to mention her 3 runner-up Major finishes. 

But what makes me more confident than ever that Charley will win a big one soon is that she now has life experience. At 28 years-old, she’s been on tour for more than a decade and has been in countless clutch situations and regularly triumphed. 

Off the course it’s not all been smooth sailing with a divorce and her ADHD diagnosis. Only those very close to her will know the full extent of the impact of these events, but life experience shapes your understanding of who you are and what serves you best in life. 

Charley’s recent feature with Sky Sports Edition showcased how comfortable she is in her own skin and being unequivocally herself which I think we can all agree is a wonderful thing for golf fans. 

One thing is for sure, this week at Sahalee Country Club lots of eyes will be on Charley, not only for the fearless golf but for the guaranteed entertainment off the course.

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